INTEKA Brno � Dodavatelská a projekční činnost v tepelné energetice

The subject of our business focus includes complex supplier, design, engineering and consulting services, as well as supply of thermal power equipment including the entire range of performances and technical designs.

We focuse on the following types of contrats:


We arrange and control specific individual deliveries, professional installations, manufacture of specific equipment, manufacture of pressurized units complying with PED 97/23/es, machine assembly services, and assembly and construction activities including related professions. High and low voltage installations, measurements and regulations systems, control system integrations followed by commissioning and startup. We pay attention to work safety as required by local conditions. We focus on complexity and optimisation of "turnkey" projects /deliveries. We also pay attention to the technological aspect of production. We are experienced in international contracts. We are able to control production and construction of many power facilities, such as dedicated pressure devices. We focus on the quality of the supplied work while cooperating with TĂśV Nord, or local notified entities. We provide customers with accurate order status information. We honour business ethics and promote high level of communication.


The main domain of our design and engineering activities is to provide a comprehensive solution for manufacturing technology as whole. In the field of thermal energy and within the complete range of water treatment technologies we are able to provide the following: Preparation of documentation for zoning proceedings, preparation of construction documentation management, construction project implementation documentation (Detail / Basic Design, 2D / 3D), negotiations about all kinds of documents with the relevant state authorities, supervision during construction activities and consulting services. We also provide: Energy audits, technical and economic studies, energy and power concepts, efficient waste utilisation used for the production of power, source documents for construction projects, documentation for tenders, and investor technical supervisions. We also provide technical assistance.


We arrange and control specific individual deliveries, professional installations, manufacture of specific equipment, manufacture of pressurized units complying with PED 97/23/es, machine assembly services.

Our specialization and focus based on media is as follows:


We design and install technological units for various operations utilised by the heat and power production industries. Heating plants, boiler rooms and heat exchanger stations (coal boiler stations, gas boiler houses, mazut boiler rooms, oil boiler rooms, steam systems, steam distribution systems, hot and warm water systems, hot water distribution systems, thermal oil systems, heat exchange stations steam-water, water-water and associated peripherals).


We design and install equipment necessary for various technological processes used in the heat and energy industries such as sand filtration, clarification, coagulation filtration, softening, decarbonisation, demineralisation, iron removal, cooling water treatment, pump stations, side filtration, repairs and rebuilds, peripheral devices for water treatment stations, as well as for clarifying ("clarifiers"), etc.

Ecological equipment:
Incinerators (municipal / industrial waste, waste heat utilisation and optimisation of technological processes, flue gas heat utilisation - Utilisation heat exchangers, utilisation boilers, and associated peripherals).

Thermal water treatment:
We design and install equipment for various technological processes used in heat and energy industries such as thermal degassing, vacuum degassing, chemical substance dosing equipment, blowdown cooling, related peripherals used in thermal water treatment plants.

We deliver technologies as a complete set including all construction parts, all operational units and equipment startup processes.