INTEKA Brno � Dodavatelská a projekční činnost v tepelné energetice

Steam, hot and warm water, oils, exhaust fumes

We design and install technological units for various operations utilised by the heat and power production industries. Heating plants, boiler rooms and heat exchanger stations (coal boiler stations, gas boiler houses, mazut boiler rooms, oil boiler rooms, steam systems, steam distribution systems, hot and warm water systems, hot water distribution systems, thermal oil systems, heat exchange stations steam-water, water-water and associated peripherals).  

Implemented important projects:

Chemopetrol Litvínov, VTO 265 t/h, 220/160°C

Nová Mosilana a.s. - station VS1, 3,8 t/h, 1,2 MHA 190 °C